H. ‘Burlesque’ Hosta


Al has been watching and growing H. ‘Burlesque’ for over 8 years. Al believes that H. ‘Burlesque’ originated from the hosta H. ‘Striptease,’ which gave him the inspiration for naming this newest variety. Al has tried tissue culturing this hosta with the help from Mark Zillis, from Rochelle, Illinois, and Rob Mortko, from Olathe, Kansas, to speed up the growing process. They discovered that this hosta does not like to be commercially tissue cultured, unlike H. ‘Compadre,’ and that it would rather grow the old fashion way. Al officially registered H. ‘Burlesque’ name and origin into the American Hosta Society in 2015. For a few years now, Al has been growing and dividing this hosta to hopefully in the year 2024 be able to have enough to sell. This raffle was created in hopes to start spreading excitement for this new variety and be used as a platform to raise money to help make some changes in the Arboretum! Tickets can be purchased now all the way thru our Hosta Fest Sale, which ends May 31st, 2020!

How Do I Purchase A Raffle Ticket?

Follow these easy steps!

-Scroll down to find our “Donate” button

-Type in the amount for a raffle ticket

  • Each ticket= $10

  • Buy 5 get 1 free= $50

-Click which form you will be using to pay (PayPal or debit/credit)

-You will see a spot to “write a note” and please give the following information.

  • Name

  • How many raffle tickets

  • Phone Number

  • Email (so we can confirm your purchase and send you a picture of your raffle ticket(s))

  • Address (so we can send you your raffle ticket(s)!)

-Hit donate!


Why Support?


This is a self employed business made possible with help from my family and volunteer staff. Due to having the auto body business as well, I am not always able to spend my days working in the Arboretum. Your support will help allow for more time to be allotted for the Arboretum- cleaning up and re-staging garden beds, finalizing the pond, etc…



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